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Flocked in the F2H for MS

Welcome! Are you here to have some flamingo fun? Are you here to put an end to multiple sclerosis? You've come to the right spot!

Each evening a secret flamingo flock wrangler will place a flock of fake flamingos for one day on a lawn of someone in Farmington or Farmington Hills. What a wonderful way to surprise your friends, your neighbors, your family members. What a fun surprise to wake up to! A note will be delivered explaining the fundraiser and who the kind person was to flamingo flock them. The fee for flocking is $35. If you would like them to be delivered on a specific day during flocking season - May 1 through July 31 - there is a $10 extra charge. If you would like a "Happy Birthday" sign placed there, too, there is an additional $5 charge. If you choose to flock more than one house, please just add up your donation amount and pay one time. But a form needs to be filled out for each house being flocked. Please no apartments nor gated communities.

Donate directly to my National MS Society BikeMS fundraising page to pay for your sending of a flamingo flock. Feel free to add an additional donation. Every bit matters. Then please fill out the flamingo flocking form below. Please be sure to hit "SEND." And thank you so very much!


per flocking
for specific date
$5 for birthday sign

may 1-
july 31


After donating, please fill out form below the booking calendar

flamingo aben cropped.jpg

if the
date is
it will be

Flocked in the F2H for MS
flamingo flocking form

Have questions? Email

Thanks for submitting!

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